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Improve mod_book editing interface


    • Improve mod_book editing UX

      We need to look at how one edits mod_book pages and chapters.
      The current UI leads to a confusing UX and it is very difficult for new users to work out how to edit content - it is not immediately apparent that you must use the cog icon in the Table of contents block.

      We need to look at what we can do to improve the editing experience.
      This may include:

      1. adding a pencil icon to the page for all editors
      2. removing the modal editing concept (Turn editing on)
      3. Adding inplace-editables to change the title (may be difficult with the TOC)
      4. Improved TOC editing:
        1. Drag/drop re-ordering
        2. AJAX hide/reveal
        3. Improve clarity of "Add chapter" link - e.g. where is it added when adding a new subchapter to a subchapter (it's the same level)
      5. Clearer "Add chapter" interface - e.g. indicating the eventual location of the chapter when adding a subchapter

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