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Serious Problems with restrict access and SCORM



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    • Affects Version/s: 3.1.1
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      I am running a course on a server with Moodle 3.1.1+ (Build: 20160817).

      I posted a query in General help on October 24 2016 but have had not responses. This message has attachments of screenshots for the missing activities.

      Below quotes my message from General help:

      The course has many conditional access activities programmed through restrict access for each SCORM module.

      When I checked the SCORM modules today, all of the conditional activities which had a grade restriction or restriction set were missing the activities (see condition error 1 screen shot). The restrictions for % were intact (see condition error 2 screen shot). All the conditional activities with activity completion were OK.

      When I checked again what was happening, that day I had an intermittent Internet connection and at one stage got a message that the SCORM player could not update the Moodle DB. The message said:

      The SCORM player has determined that your Internet connection is unreliable or has been interrupted. If you continue in this SCORM activity, your progress may not be saved.
      You should exit the activity now, and return when you have a dependable Internet connection.

      Also, I am having trouble creating and restoring backups (see Back debug problems).

      Which tables or table would hold the missing activity information - is it mdl_course_modules only or other tables? My restrict access is done through each module.

      Urgent help is needed so I can start my pilot study!!.

      Best regards,





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