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Course completion not triggered when SCORM activity is completed



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      Steps to reproduce:
      0) Login as admin
      1) In site administration select courses -> Manage courses and categories -> Create new course
      In general section:

      2) Give a full name e.g. "corso SCORM"
      3) Give a short name e.g. "corso SCORM"
      4) Set visibility as "show"
      5) Select a course category

      In course format section

      6) Select format as single activity format
      7) Select activity as SCORM packet

      In completion tracking section
      8) Enable completion tracking by flagging "yes"in enable completion tracking
      9) In course administration -> enable "turn editing on"
      10) On Navigation panel click on "Corso scorm"-> adding a new scorm package window will be shown

      9)Click on "Save and return"
      10)On navigation panel click on "corso scorm" the window "Updating:SCORM package "is now shown.
      11)Insert a name "SCORM course name"
      12)Drag and drop a scorm package (.zip file).
      13)In activity completion-> completion tracking Select "Show activity as complete when conditions are met"
      14) Flag require view-> student must view this activity to mark it complete
      15) Click on "save and display"
      16) Click On course administration -> users -> enrolled users ->enrol user to enrol a new user e.g. "tester"
      17) In course completion select activity completion and flag Activity - Scorm acivity name
      18)Click on "save settings"
      19)Logout and login as tester
      20)Click on new course "corso SCORM" now the SCORM lesson will be shown.
      21) Scroll the page till the last page.
      22) Go back to dashboard and logout
      23) Log in as admin
      24)From navigation panel click on "corso SCORM"
      25)From course administration select reports->activity completion
      26)From course administration select reports->course completion

      Expected result:
      1)Activity for "tester" is completed
      2)Course "corso SCORM" for "tester" is completed

      Actual result
      1)Activity for "tester" is completed
      2)Course "corso SCORM" for "tester" is not completed

      NB I was able to reproduce the issue on moodle sandbox


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