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Difficult to navigate between Question bank areas using Boost theme


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      3.3 sprint 5


      The new Boost theme doesn’t provide natural navigation between the four options that we’re used to seeing in the Question bank expanded menu (Questions, Categories, Import, Export).

      To get to this menu, you have to return to the course page, then:

      1. Click the settings icon in the course name header
      2. Select “More” from the list
      3. Scroll down to see the expanded menu under “Question Bank”

      If you're already within the Question bank and want to import questions, you have to come out to follow the steps above too.

      It would seem sensible to have a settings icon in the Question bank header ("Question bank > Questions") which would provide the four options (Questions, Categories, Import, Export) rather than having to navigate out of the Question bank area in order to return to a different area of it. This suggestion would also be consistent with navigation in other areas for the Boost theme.

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