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Adding additional copyright types into the license table does not populate the filepicker drop down menu


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    • 3.0.8
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      When uploading a file via file picker, the license type drop down box is not populated with the licenses specified in the license table.


      1. Add an additional license type to the license table.
      2. Add this license type to the license.php lang file as well
      3. Go into a course and add a file resource.
      4. Check the license type drop down menu in this dialog for the newly added license type. It won't appear there.

      I poked around in some of the files and the source of the bug lies in repository/lib.php inside of the initialise_filepicker function. The function is only coded to utilize default licenses. The fix I used was to manually add a select all query for the license table where the enabled flag is 1. From there I manually populated the $licenses array using a foreach loop.

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