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Difficult to navigate around groups of related pages in Boost



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      Right now, especially for Teachers and Admins, there is no easy way to move between related pages, like question bank (MDL-57510), quiz, assign, etc.

      Prior to Boost, the administration block was somewhat contextually aware, and was used for navigation within a module. Now, everything with a mod is just plopped in the gear icon on the main page of the module, which means when you are on a sub page, you can't navigate back easily (like going from the quiz Results page to the quiz Statistics page or back).

      Gradebook gets around this limitation with a dropdown menu on every page, but this seems kinda haphazard and isn't consistent.

      Besides the fact it's very annoying, I worry is that mod devs will start implementing their own solutions, and we will end up with an even less consistent interface.

      I think we need to come up with a solution for cross page navigation within a set of tightly related pages and standardize on that. That would likely mean sorting out which things should really be in the gear icon, and which things be in the new nav element.


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