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JAWS Math Viewer Not Functioning in Moodle



      When JAWS users attempt to interact with MathJax content in Moodle using JAWS’ Math Viewer feature, an error appears in the Math Viewer dialog that states “Math Processing Error”. This prevents the user from using important features such as synchronized focus highlighting when working with sighted instructors/tutors/peers.


      To the best of our knowledge, the JAWS Math Viewer has never worked correctly in Moodle, despite the math content reading correctly and other Math Viewer features, such as navigate by term or expression, working correctly.


      Tested using JAWS 16 – 18, Internet Explorer 11, and Firefox 52.0.


      Replication Instructions:

      1. Open a Moodle course with MathJax equations present
      2. Start JAWS
      3. Set JAWS focus to the equation using arrow keys, JAWS should read the equation followed by “math content”
      4. Press Enter to load the Math Viewer
      5. It may be necessary to do this twice before the Math Viewer loads.
      1. Note the error that appears in the Math Viewer dialog.

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