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New course format: Rope Team



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      Alternative names:  Studygroup or Docendo (by teaching)

      Presentation about the course format:



      Classroom facilitator is involved as a guide for all of the below.


      Team creation: Teams of N learners are formed, with similar levels of competency. (might be a “team up” junction point in an adaptive and personalized course/MOOC)

      • Notification of team starting

      Topic assigning:  N topics are assigned to the group, one topic each, to act as a student teacher to the others

      • Choose top 3 topics, then system will choose who gets what.

      Topic research: Each student teacher  is given access to a library of resources gathered from previous iterations of this topic.   They may also find their own resources, of course.

      Topic presentation:  Each student teacher builds and then gives a presentation to others about the topic to help them learn it as efficiently as possible.  Q&A etc, until they feel that everyone understands the topic.

      • Learners rate the presentation of each student teacher (rubric)
      • Teachers rate the presentation of each student teacher (rubric)

      Team assessment: The whole team goes through assessment of the N topics.  This can be an external assessment or possibly a peer assessment).

      • Teacher (or system) assesses the Learners.
      • Learners get results.

      Team retrospective:  After the assessment, team convenes to see how it went.

      Topic catchup:  If anybody failed assessment of any topic then it’s the responsibility of the team to help them further.  Anybody can help the troubled learner, who then goes back to re-assessment of the problematic topics (back to step 5 until they pass).  Classroom teacher/facilitator can be called in to help.

      • Learners can rate/comment on other learners.

      The team can continue back to #1 to tackle another group of N topics.





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