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Allow searching / filtering of courses in myoverview



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.3, 3.4.1
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    • Component/s: Blocks, Dashboard (My home)
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      We’ve been evaluating the new course overview block on qa.moodle.net and think that users would significantly benefit from being able to search, order and hide courses displayed within the block. A good use case for this can be found when logging in as the default ‘student’ account on qa.moodle.net and looking through the 'Courses' view.

      At our institution, we have previously had user feedback that the original course overview block was hard to navigate and difficult for a user to quickly find a specific course. We have made several customisations over time to enable quicker access to courses including:

      • Categorising the courses by year they are taught;
      • Ability to reorder lists and hide courses from view in the block;
      • Ability to favourite a course to make this display first and foremost for easy access


      Looking at the new course overview block (which offers some great new features – the timeline concept is great) we foresee the experience of a user trying to find a particular course as being more challenging in the new design, especially for users who are enrolled in many courses. As mentioned above, the ‘student’ account on qa.moodle.net provides a great example of this as the student is enrolled in 50 ‘In progress’ courses and this is displayed as 9 ‘pages’ of courses ordered alphabetically, making it very difficult to know where a course is located. As there is no way for a student to order their courses, any new enrolments may alter the page a course used to reside within meaning a student cannot remember which page number to find a course on.

      Our institution believe that the usability of this block would be greatly improved by allowing students to:

      • Search / filter all enrolled courses within the ‘Courses’ and ‘Timeline’ view
      • Hide / mute courses from displaying in the course overview block

      To provide some data around our institution, we run some stats and found:

      • 12,487 users are enrolled in over 20 courses and 46 users are enrolled in over 100 courses
      • 2 users are enrolled in over 900 courses (this is something we need to look at!)
      • Our average user is enrolled in 12 courses

      We assume that we are relatively normal here and searching and filtering would be of use for many Moodle users




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