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Course upload from csv ignores enddate because courses in weeks format have automaticenddate set to 1 by default


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      I uploaded a csv file with this content:

      Wi17_4711;"WiSe 2017/18: 4711 MyTestCourse";Wi17_4711;1.1.1;1;16.10.2017;16.10.2018;weeks;self;1234;16.10.2017;3632400

      Upload setting: "Create new courses only, skip existing ones" 

      Course default settings: Sections:4

      The course is created with startdate and enddate set to 16.10.2017, but enddate should be 16.10.2018!

      "Course administration" ->"Calculate the end date from the number of sections" is checked, but the course has no sections.

      A short investigation in the database shows: enddate = startdate + 7200 as a result of course/format/weeks/lib.php(get_section_dates) called without sections.

      The creation of the default sections during upload seems to be missing ...



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