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Merge Participants and Enrolled Users


    • Merge Participants and Enrolled Users

      Let us merge them!

      Two user lists with almost identical content, in different locations.

      Item Type Link to Enrolment page Participants (brief) Participants (detailed)
      Profile picture Data/Picture Profile
      First name Data Profile
      Last name Data Profile
      E-mail Data Profile
      Last access Data None
      City/Town Data None
      Country Data None
      Select user Checkbox N/A
      List of roles List of data Delete individual roles
      Add role button Link Add role modal
      List of groups List of data Remove from individual group
      Add user to group Link Add user to group form
      Enrolment method List of data None
      Configure user enrolment link Link User-Enrolment instance configuration form
      Unenrol link Link Remove user from enrolment instance
      Blogs link Link User blog entries
      Notes link Link Notes
      Activity link Link Activity log
      Log in as link Link Login as this user
      Full profile link Link Link to full profile
      Participants page

      picture, first name, surname, email address, city, country, last course access

      • message one or more users
      • add note to one or more users
      • add common note to one or more users
      • By role
      • By first name
      • By last name
      Enrolled users

      picture, first name, surname, email, last access to course, roles, groups, enrolment methods

      • Enrol users
      • Add role to user
      • Remove role from users
      • Add user to group
      • Remove user from group
      • Unenrol user
      • Free form search
      • Enrolment method
      • Role
      • Group
      • Status (active / inactiveto


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