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User Stories for next/previous links on activities.



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      User Story Acceptance Criteria
      As a user, I should be able to step through activities in the course without returning to the course page in order to stay focused on completing activities
      • Each activity should have a next/previous link in the footer of the content region that will navigate to the next/previous available activity for the course
      • The first activity in the course should not show a previous link.
      • The last activity in the course should not show a next link.
      • The next / previous links should be shown on every page of each activity that uses the “in-course” layout.
      • The next / previous links should contain the name of the activity that the user will navigate to and an arrow icon indicating next/previous.
      • The user should never see a link to an activity that they cannot access.
      • “Stealth” activities should not contain previous / next links and should not be displayed in the next/previous links of any other activities.
      • The link to a hidden activity should have a "(hidden)" suffix.
      • The previous link should be displayed on the left side of the page (in ltr languages) and the next link should be displayed on the right (in ltr languages)
      • The previous icon should come before the activity name, and the next icon should come after the activity name.
      • In rtl languages the positions of the next/previous links should be reversed.
      • In rtl languages the direction of the arrow icons should be reversed.
      • When view is required to complete an activity, and an activity completion is required to see the next activity. On the page that triggers the view - the link to the next activity should be immediately displayed and available.
      • Activities that open in a new page (like url) when accessed via next/previous links should not open in a new window - but should show the summary of the activity with a clickable link to open the activity as normal.
      • Continuously clicking on “previous” links should always take me to the first activity I can see in the course (eventually).
      • Continuously clicking “next” links should always take me to the last activity I can see for the course.
      As a user I should be able to navigate directly from any activity in a course, to any other activity in the same course.
      • In between the next / previous links for activities, there should be a drop down listing all the activities in the course.
      • If there is only one visible activity, the drop down should not appear.
      • The text in the drop down before selecting an activity should say "Jump to...".
      • Selecting an activity from the drop down list should navigate directly to that activity.
      • Hidden activities that the user can see should be listed with the "(hidden)" suffix.
      As a user, the next/previous navigation for activities should closely match the navigation for sections, in order to be consistent and predictable.
      • When viewing a course section, with one section per page enabled and the next section is a hidden section it should not be dimmed, but instead should be an active link with the "(hidden)" suffix.
      • When viewing a course section, with one section per page enabled, any hidden sections in the section navigation drop down should have the "(hidden)" suffix.





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