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IMS Common Cartridge import fails when URLs have & in them


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    • 3.3.1
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      When a Web Link or BasicLTI launch URL includes an Ampersand (&) Moodle dies during import with a message like:

      Fatal Error in [tempdir] ../moodle.xml: EntityRef: expecting ';' at line 250

      Tracing things through, the cartridge is XML so the entity version is correct - as Moodle unzips and extracts the cartridge it is mapped back  to "&" but then as Moodle produces the moodle.xml file (also XML) it fails to re-encode from "&" as an entity so something like "&x=42" looks like a malformed "entity" to the XML parser, leading to the error.

      I have attached a two-item cartridge with no ampersands in the urls, and one with ampersands in the URLs.  I have screen shots of the successful import on demo.moodle.net as well as the failed import on demo.moodle.net as well as a look at the moodle.xml file (from a different, larger import) showing what went wrong in moodle.xml.

        1. IMS_CC_11_AMPERSAND.imscc
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        2. IMS_CC_11_NORMAL.imscc
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        3. MDL-59993-Fail-Import.png
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        4. MDL-59993-Good-Import.png
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        5. MDL-59993-XML-Oops.png
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        6. moodle.xml
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        7. py4e_export.imscc
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