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Course overview unusable for users with large numbers of courses. Allow different view



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      For users with a number of courses that amounts to more than two or three pages, the course overview is, in reality, completely useless. Especially as the courses cannot be ordered in any meaningful way. 

      I encountered a user this morning who has sufficient (genuine) enrolments to amount to 25 pages in the course overview. In effect, they cannot find their courses. This is not unique.

      As I have pointed out elsewhere, this block seems to have been created with no thought to such users and there has been no option to search, order or otherwise filter courses. 

      Some suggestions...

      • Allow a 'file browser' set of options such that the a standard 'list' of courses can be shown (we don't care about progress - especially in this context)
      • Allow a search (MDL-58579)
      • Allow user-specified ordering. (MDL-58203)

      See attached screen-shot of actual user dashboard

      I appreciate that this repeats some similar tickets but I wanted to make this regression absolutely clear along with just how bad it's going to be on large sites.


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