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Indention in admin_settings_coursecat_select broken: HTML in admin_settings_configselect option values is escaped


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      1. Create a new course category as a child category of Misc
      2. Go to Site administration -> Courses -> Course request and see the defaultrequestcategory setting.

      With the use of mustache templates for admin settings the option values are escaped. This breaks the indention with non-breaking spaces (" ") for subcategories in admin_settings_coursecat_select. See the defaultrequestcategory setting under Courses -> Course request.

      For dropdown and multi select menus using


      is the only way to indent options.

      One solution would be to adjust the mustache templates setting_configselect and setting_configmultiselect to not escaping the option value. See the attached github branch.

      Another solution might be to explicit implement an indention feature to the admin_settings_configselect and multiselect classes, separately processed by the template by including the appropriate number of non-breaking spaces.

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            jojoob Johannes Burk
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