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Add ability to view labels and "inline" folders with next and previous buttons in 3.4



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      This issue came up through QA testing. MDLQA-11562

      With the reintroduced feature of navigating through a moodle course using previous and next buttons, some parts of content can be easily skipped over without the user being aware they are missing content.

      Labels have become more important in Moodle with the improvements to drag and drop. For example, when dragging and dropping an image/video/audio file in Moodle, the default setting is actually to create a new label, and embed the media into that label. If instructors use that method, students may inadvertently miss key information, directions, or media that haven't been written into the item description.

      To replicate:

      1. Add 2-3 Moodle resources or activities
      2. Now add a some labels in between those activities like an embedded youtube, a photo, or a mp3 file.
      3. Navigate using the previous and next buttons and see that the labels are ignored, content was missed, and there is no way to tell from that screen



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