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mod_folder Course Restore: missing get_objectid_mapping() for all_files_downloaded event



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Affects Version/s: 3.4
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Backup, Events API
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      Dear all
      While working on our plugin and testing the backup/restore process of it we encountered following error when Importing an older backup. Unfortunately I'm not so familiar with the Event API but it seems this is something little that got forgotten.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. You need a backup of a course with mod_folder active. It must have event logs (e.g. all_files_downloaded event)
      2. Restore into your Moodle 3.4 stable with developer mode on
      3. During Import you see following messages:
      In order to restore course logs accurately the event "mod_folder\event\all_files_downloaded" must define the function get_objectid_mapping(). * line 550 of /lib/classes/event/base.php: call to debugging()

      • line 100 of /admin/tool/log/backup/moodle2/restore_tool_log_logstore_subplugin.class.php: call to core\event\base::get_objectid_mapping()
      • line 63 of /admin/tool/log/store/standard/backup/moodle2/restore_logstore_standard_subplugin.class.php: call to restore_tool_log_logstore_subplugin->process_log()
      • line 137 of /backup/util/plan/restore_structure_step.class.php: call to restore_logstore_standard_subplugin->process_logstore_standard_log()
      • line 112 of /backup/util/helper/restore_structure_parser_processor.class.php: call to restore_structure_step->process()
      • line 178 of /backup/util/xml/parser/processors/grouped_parser_processor.class.php: call to restore_structure_parser_processor->dispatch_chunk()
      • line 100 of /backup/util/helper/restore_structure_parser_processor.class.php: call to grouped_parser_processor->postprocess_chunk()
      • line 148 of /backup/util/xml/parser/processors/simplified_parser_processor.class.php: call to restore_structure_parser_processor->postprocess_chunk()
      • line 92 of /backup/util/xml/parser/processors/progressive_parser_processor.class.php: call to simplified_parser_processor->process_chunk()
      • line 190 of /backup/util/xml/parser/progressive_parser.class.php: call to progressive_parser_processor->receive_chunk()
      • line 278 of /backup/util/xml/parser/progressive_parser.class.php: call to progressive_parser->publish()
      • line ? of unknownfile: call to progressive_parser->end_tag()
      • line 179 of /backup/util/xml/parser/progressive_parser.class.php: call to xml_parse()
      • line 158 of /backup/util/xml/parser/progressive_parser.class.php: call to progressive_parser->parse()
      • line 110 of /backup/util/plan/restore_structure_step.class.php: call to progressive_parser->process()
      • line 181 of /backup/util/plan/base_task.class.php: call to restore_structure_step->execute()
      • line 210 of /backup/moodle2/restore_activity_task.class.php: call to base_task->execute()
      • line 178 of /backup/util/plan/base_plan.class.php: call to restore_activity_task->execute()
      • line 167 of /backup/util/plan/restore_plan.class.php: call to base_plan->execute()
      • line 339 of /backup/controller/restore_controller.class.php: call to restore_plan->execute()
      • line 224 of /backup/util/ui/restore_ui.class.php: call to restore_controller->execute_plan()
      • line 135 of /backup/restore.php: call to restore_ui->execute()

      Expected Result:

      No such warnings

      Additional Info:

      it was a few hours old Moodle 3.4 stable installation (using mdk)




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