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Give a warning if, because of random questions, a quiz may require more questions from a category than are there



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      At the moment, you only get errors when a student attempts the quiz (or when teachers "preview" the quiz), which is a bad way to organise things.

      Old description below. The above is point 3. The others are non-issues or duplicates.


      I want to create a test made up of randomly selected questions from a certain category of questions, e.g. My questions.

      I create the test, go into Editing Quiz mode, and at the bottom of the Questions window, I click on Add (2) random questions. Those 2 questions are added to the list of questions in my quiz.

      If I then click on the Preview tab at the top of my Editing Quiz window, I can preview the test, comprising the 2 randomly selected questions. However, there are a number of problems here.

      1- It would be more logical for the Test preview mode to display 2 different randomly selected questions each time I click on the Preview button. Of course, the questions will really be randomly selected in Student mode, but why not in Teacher mode?

      2- While in Quiz Editing mode, In the Action column, the behavior of the two icons Preview and Edit is not as expected.

      2a- The Preview link displays this error message: The number of random questions required is more than are still available in the category!, which is silly.
      2b- The Edit link displays something totally unconnected with editing the question at hand...

      3- The correct place for the control mechanism, and ensueing error message should reside with the Add random questions at the bottom right of the screen, not with the individual Edit question link in the left part of the screen.

      PS Same bugs in Moodle 1.7


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