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Accessibility on gradebook



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    • Accessibility, Gradebook


      According to an audit made over Accessibility, violations exist over gradebook as follows:

      Affected modules: Students Grades

      • Ensure headers and cells are properly associated


      The table in the "User Report" view of the students grades (pictured in this module's screenshot) has several structural oddities which make it difficult for screen-reader users to understand:

      • The left-most cell of the second row has a rowspan of 47. If a screen-reader user navigates to the left in any row other than 1 or 2, they will inevitably end up in row 2. This is disorienting and potentially frustrating when exploring the table using screen-reader table navigation commands. The user would have to navigate back down to the row they were originally reviewing.
      • Both the column headers for a cell, along with those associated with a cell via it's headers attribute will be read when traversed with a screen-reader.
        Reviewing the grade for an assignment, for instance, a user would hear "Category accessibility testing course grade column 4-", which is overly verbose.

      <td class="level2 leveleven oddd2 b1t b2b b1l column-leader" rowspan="6"></td>

      We recommend that this single multi-tiered table be split into separate tables:

      • Each table should contain five columns: Grade Item, Grade, percentage, Feedback, Contribution to Course Title
      • The cells of the table will contain the grades for items in a specific category.
      • Above each table should be a heading level 3 with the name of it's category.





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