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Add the Advanced Grading method feature from Assignment activity to Workshop activity.



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 3.4
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Workshop
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      If the Gradebook settings are set to “Exclude empty grades”, then categories within also have the “Exclude empty grades” settings. This allows students to see current grades during the quarter/semester.

      Many of our instructors have forgotten that the “Exclude empty grades” is enabled and did not provide 0 points for activities that were not completed. This created grade values higher than what ...


      Add the Advanced Grading method feature from Assignments to Workshop, and ensure that Rubrics (from the current Rubric pool) work correctly when enabled and selected.Current situation:

      Right now, there is a Rubric option in the Workshop but it is not configured the same way as the Rubric in the Assignment activity. We propose to have the same Rubric format into the Workshop. (Add Advanced Grading feature to the Workshop activity)

      Ideal situation:

      Adding the Assignment’s Advanced Grading method (including Rubric format from the Assignment activity) would attract more teachers to use it and make it fun to grade and/or give comments to students. Students can easily enter their grade given to the peer in an easy and convenient way.


      • Project size: medium
      • Audience: primary schools, universities, work places
      • Target users: teachers, students, administrators


      1.    Ease and fun for the teacher to setup the rubric in Workshop activity.

      2.    Possibilities for students to assess their peers in the Workshop activity in more convenient and fun way.

      Use cases

      1. As a teacher, who is using Workshop activity, I should be able to set up a Workshop activity, and get to the current 'Edit assessment form' step.

      2. As a teacher, who is using Workshop activity, I should be able to select and set 'Advanced grading' feature.

      3. As a teacher, who is using Workshop activity, I should be able to select an existing rubric form or create a new one using the same pool of rubrics  as used by Assignment.

      4. As a teacher, who is using Assignment activity, I should be able to choose the form created in the Workshop activity.

      5. As a teacher, who is using Workshop activity, I should be able to choose the form created in the Assignment activity.

      6. As a teacher, who is using Workshop activity, I should be able to choose other forms in Workshop like: Accumulative grading strategy, Comments,   Number of errors and Rubric.

      7. As a student who is instructed to work in Workshop activity, I should be able to evaluate and be evaluated with 'Advanced Grading' feature.

      Photos of the possible look when implemented are below…





      Links to existing tracker issues, forum discussions, contrib plugins

      This proposal would close existing tracker MDL-38721

      Forum discussion related to this issue is here: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-38721 

      As a possible solution, here is our 2 cents:

      Keep the strategies and add up a new type of strategy in order to implement advanced forms.

      Right now, Workshop activity uses 4 types of strategies. The idea is to add the 5^th^ strategy ‘advancegrading’, this will allow us to implement and define all used methods in the strategy.

      This way, we would follow the same logic of all strategies to get the forms, save up the assignments and the like...., in order to know how to implement these methods in our new type of strategy:

      • get_assessment_form
      • save_assessment
      • get_assessments_recordset
      • update_peer_grade
      • calculate_peer_grade
      • get_current_assessment_data
      • ...

      So, if in form (dropdown menu), we choose the ‘advancedgrading’ strategy, the parameters of the advanced methods would display and thus we can choose any method.


      We talk about 20 points (20 pts *1.9 = 40 days/person) for this workload. This would be the optimal choice, if we want to stay in line with the notion of strategies and to meet the demanding need of the MUA members and the Moodle community.


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