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Accepted file types does not updated on focus change



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      Within the Assignment activity, it is possible to restrict the acceptable file extensions that may be submitted. The visual behavior can be confusing when selecting and unselecting classes of extensions. Here is an example walkthrough of what happens during various state changes:

      • Within the Assignment creation interface, navigate to the Submission types section.
      • Ensure that File submissions is checked as the Submission types.
      • Click the Choose button next to the Accepted file types text box.
      • Make a selection in the dialog box that appears, such as Document files, and click Save changes.
      • The dialog box will disappear and the word document should appear in the text box; underneath the text box, Document files will appear along with a list of valid file extensions.
      • So far this functions as expected. Now, click the Choose button again, and you should still see that the Document files option is checked in the dialog box.
      • Click the Cancel button.
      • Delete the word document from the text box and click outside of the text box to lose its focus. Note that underneath the text box, the list of file types does not disappear automatically.
      • Click the Choose button, and note that the checkbox is unchecked next to Document files. This can be confusing for users, since they might assume they have removed the restriction (which they actually have) but the list remains. Clicking Cancel will leave the list in place, but clicking Save changes will correctly remove the list, which will happen also if the user clicks either Save and return to course or Save and display within the Assignment interface.

      Ideally what would happen is that if text within the Accepted file types text box is deleted or updated and then focus is lost, the text underneath the box should update accordingly. This would also have the added advantage of notifying users of incorrect or unsupported file types before attempting to save the Assignment.

      Note that the reverse is true also:

      • Type the word document into the Accepted file types text box.
      • Click on Choose; the checkbox next to Document files will be checked in the dialog box.
      • Clicking Cancel will return the user to the Assignment interface, but the list will not appear under the text box.


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