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Additional Assignment Fields for Integration and Reporting



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      Improve scope for integrating and reporting on formerly graded assignments (as opposed to formative work).

      • Project Size: Small
      • Audience: Any organisation wishing to improve grade export to other systems or provide students with a clearer view of summative assignments
      • Target Users: Allow administrators to better integrate assignments, allow teachers to flag formal assessment and students to filter by assignment types (if reports are subsequently created using these fields)

      User Stories

      As a student I would like to be able to see only my formerly assessed / graded assignments as opposed to the optional draft assignments, formative assignments and other clutter currently sprayed across my dashboard.

      As and Administrator / Integrator I would like to be able to better integrate / link assessemnt in my student records system with corresponding assessments in Moodle.

      Description of Changes

      Two additional fields would be useful in the Assignemnt settings:

      1) ID Number

      Integrating / Linking assignemnts with other systems would be helped by the addition of an "ID Number" field as exists for courses. Its purpose would be the same as that of the Course ID Number:

      "The ID number of an Assignment is only used when matching the Assignment against external systems and is not displayed anywhere on the site. If the course has an official code name it may be entered, otherwise the field can be left blank."

      2) Purpose (drop down / select list)

      The assignment activity can be used in many different ways, for example:

      • Draft submissions
      • Formative work
      • Summative / graded assessment

      Currently there is no way to differentiate between these differing user cases. This results in a convuluted dashboard / assignment list for students. By adding a field that could be used to separate formative / draft assignments from those that are formerly graded / affect a students final qualification it would be possible to allow filtering on the dashboard and other reports to give students a concise list of formal assessments as opposed to simply listing every assignment activity regardless of the purpose for which it is used.





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