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LTI Provider does not work with Drag Drop question types in Canvas (role related?)



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      I am using Moodle as an LTI provider.  Canvas is the client system.  When I export Drag and Drop question types they do not work correctly.  None of the dragable answer choices appear in Canvas when logged on to the quiz as a student, though when logged on as a teacher I do see them if I preview the quiz.

      Both Canvas and Moodle are https, and I have tried allowing Moodle to appear in a frame (as suggested for LTI tools) and with the default option.  I have tried having canvas show Moodle in a separate tab.  When I preview the assignment, I get the more detailed Moodle window and I can preview the quiz just fine, but student do not see any answer choices, though the place to drop answers does appear.  When using Drag and Drop Text question types there is only a tiny piece of the drop areas appearing - about one character in width.

      I have no idea why the student cannot see everything when the teacher can.  I am wondering if it has something to do with permissons for the different roles.

      I've included a link to what the two question types look like in Canvas when it is serving as the LTI client - note that there are no draggable items visible, when there should be 7 or 8)

      [Problem with Drag Drop Text|http://FranzScience.com/images/ProblemwithDragDropText.jpg]

      [Problem with Drag Drop Image|http://FranzScience.com/images/ProblemwithDragDropImage.jpg]


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