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Overview feedback, a new Moodle activity to provide the teacher with an efficient tool that allows to monitor student's work and give individual feedback.



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      Overview feedback (Teacher of the rings)



      I propose to create a new activity called Overview feedback, an extension of the current Assignment or inspired by it, which allows to do what is indicated below.


      The main objective of my proposal is to provide the teacher with an efficient tool that allows to monitor student's work and give individual feedback, ... and to be more efficient. In a Moodle activity the teacher would be able to assess and guide each student of the current course.

      User Stories 

      The student would be able to send a file or a text explaining his or her situation or request.

      The teacher would be able to know about one student in the current course because they would have:

      • a progress bar with completion and links to his best or last attempt in each activity
      • a bar of grades with graded elements (categories, calculated elements, ...)
      • a direct link to the student's grade report of the course
      • a direct link to the student activity report
      • a direct link to the student logs (last week logs, for example).
      • a direct link to the messages that he has sent to a forum
      • ...

      The teacher would answer:

      • Grading this activity, grading the Overview feedback
      • Answering with a text or file
      • Join/add the student to a group, or removing it from a group
      • Exceptions to a specific quizzes, activities.
      • Direct link to the assessment of a previous assignment of the student in order to grade, grant an extension or to add a new attempt. The teacher could also see what the student has done previously, if what the student say in this activity is consistent with his previous activities, and if he has improved according to the instructions the teacher said.

      In order words, this new activity is an activity to govern/collect/organize/solve individualized attention.

      To setup this configuration of this new activity, the teacher should specify which activities should appear in the progress bar, which direct links would be shown to the teacher, in which groups could be joined or removed, ...

      On this way we could guide, redirect, make an individualized itinerary, ... For example, situations where it would be very useful.

      • Assess the progress of a student project (or a packet of sequence activities). If the student has to do a project which needs to go ahead with certain activities, it is necessary for the teacher who evaluates one of the phases to see quickly whether or not he has done the previous activities, if he is evolving correctly, how is the student applying the previous guidelines, how to reorient student in his work in this course, ...
      • Solving incidents. According to the student's request and what he has done up to now (completed activities, grades, records, ...), the teacher must decide what individual attention he need (change of group, exceptions in some activities, ...)




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