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refresh_mod_calendar_events_task does not release lock when running cron in parallel


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    • 3.3.2
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      Reference from post: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=365485


      Hello, I recently tried to run the cron of a Moodle instance from multiple nodes and I got the error below on one of the nodes:

      // Execute adhoc task: core\task\refresh_mod_calendar_events_task
      ... started 11:20:47. Current memory use 20MB.
      Refreshing events for assign
      !!! Coding error detected, it must be fixed by a programmer: A lock was created but not released at:
      [dirroot]/lib/classes/task/manager.php on line 448
      Code should look like:
      $factory = \core\lock\lock_config::get_lock_factory('type');
      $lock = $factory->get_lock(Resource id #728);
      $lock->release(); // Locks must ALWAYS be released like this.

      I posted a message to the forums (see above) but I though is a good idea to report it here as well.

      As I explained in the forums I couldnt find the task 


      Does anyone else noticed this issue? Is there a way to know why the lock is not released?


      The only plugin related to assignments I have installed is Turnitin plagiarism plugin.

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