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Add a 'Resend Confirmation Email' button to login page when user tries to login but has not confirmed yet






      This improvement is suggested by Jeff Sherk in Moodle tracker: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-17943 

      The suggestion is almost 10! years old, but would in my opinion still valubale as a usability improvement when self-registion with confirmation mail is used in Moodle. 

      The reason to suggest is: 

      • E-mails can end up in spamfilters, users are not always aware of this. And as a site administrator you can just not always prevent this. 
      • Students/participants can simply forget to click the confirmation link before the set time (standaard 30 min, max 240 minutes). 

      What you want to achive with self registion is that users are able "to help themself" first before they will contact the site administrator. By having the option that students/participants can request to send the confirmation mail again. They won't get stuck in a process where they:

      • cannot create a new account due emailaddress already excist.
      • get stuck in the progress "forgot password" because their account is not confirmed yet. 



      • Project size: small
      • Audience: universities, work places
      • Target users: students, administrators


      1. It would be nice to have a Resend Confirmation Email button appear for users when they try to login to moodle, but they have not confirmed their account yet.
      1. Also, if they go thru the 'forgot_password' process and they have not confirmed their account yet, it will tell them.... this should also provide a Resend Confirmation Email button.

      In both these cases, the user can 'self help' themselves first. before complaining to admin that they never got an email.

      1. Add an additional column to the admin/user.php (Browse List of Users) page that would cause a link to appear beside the CONFIRM link that says 'Resend Email', which would allow admins to resend the confirmation email as well.

      User Stories 

      User stories should be specific to each requirement and provide a clear view of what you want the improvement/new feature to accomplish.

      As a student, I should be able to request to send a the confirmation Email to my e-mailaccount.

      As a student, I should be able to see if my account is not confirmed when I use "forgot passwoord"

      As an admin, I should be able to resend the confirmation e-mail when requested by a student. 

      As a manager,  I should be able to resend the confirmation e-mail when requested by a student. 

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