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Implement IMS Global standard OneRoster



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      Have you ever tried to automate a sync between Moodle and a Student Information System (or other system) - what a time consuming, complex, and expensive task! 

      This project is proposed to have Moodle implement the IMS Global "OneRoster 1.0" standard (https://www.imsglobal.org/activity/onerosterlis). Implementation of this standard is necessary so that:

      • Existing, or new adopters, of moodle can automate easily courses, users, roles, grades to/from moodle to existing systems,
      • Ensure integrations between systems are simple, fast and cost effective, and
      • Ultimately, reduce overheads for new institutions to uptake moodle.

      A full list of currently certified applications can be seen here: https://www.imsglobal.org/one-roster-certified-products (where, one can see that this list now includes most major competitors to Moodle - including but not limited to Canvas, D2L, Google SDS, Microsoft SDS, and Pearson). It's time for Moodle to get on board with this global interoperability standard


      • Project size: medium
      • Audience: primary schools, universities, work places (all)
      • Target users: administrators (benefits to all however)


      • To ensure Moodle conforms to global interoperability standards.
      • To ensure Moodle can be easily, quickly, and cost effectively synchronised with other external systems.
      • To reduce the time/cost required for new sites to integrate with Moodle (significant blocker for new adopters).

      User Stories:

      User stories should be specific to each requirement and provide a clear view of what you want the improvement/new feature to accomplish.

      As a product, Moodle should be able to utilise OneRoster 1.0 API's to automate courses, users, permissions, grades to/from external systems.

      As a product, Moodle should be OneRoster 1.0 Certified under IMS Global

      As a product, Moodle (through IMS Global Certification) should be able to compete globally with other LMS providers who conform to this standard. 

      Links to existing tracker issues, forum discussions, contrib plugins:



      • Conform to, and be certified in, IMS Global OneRoster 1.0: https://www.imsglobal.org/activity/onerosterlis
      • Implement as a plugin (or core) ability to activate specific OneRoster actions into moodle
      • This is largely an administrative item and not visible to editingteacher, teacher, or student roles (so UX is less of a concern). 

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