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Return the TinyMCE: YouTube Anywhere plugin to supported status


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      We have professors who would like to allow students to video record themselves in discussion forums.  In other words, instead of typing a text response, the student uses her smartphone to video record herself talking.  Currently we use Poodll for this.

      One of the user stories involves a class where one or more students are hearing impaired.  They can’t hear what the other students are saying in the video, but if it were a text block they’d be able to read just fine.  Since Poodll can’t do automatic captioning, it can’t be used in this story.  However, since YouTube does automatic captioning, it may suffice for this user story.

      So, we looked into the various Moodle plugins and found several that recorded directly to YouTube, which does automatic (though imperfect)  captioning.  Since we’re a Google school, every student has a YouTube account and it works as a streaming service.  Unfortunately, none of the plugins is still supported.  We use the TinyMCE text editor.

      Therefore, the point of this proposal is to return the TinyMCE: YouTube Anywhere plugin to supported status.  To be sure, most any solution to allow automatic captioning is fine with us, but this particular solution to the problem is one that can be properly considered and/or worked on.


      • Project size: small/medium
      • Audience: universities, online programs
      • Target users: teachers, students


      Allow users to record video and have the videos automatically closed captioned.

      User Stories

      • As a teacher, I should be able to record video (e.g., an assignment description) directly into Moodle and have it automatically captioned.
      • As a student, I should be able to record video directly into Moodle (e.g., a forum post or assignment) and have it automatically captioned.
      • In either story, I should be able to edit / correct the automatic captions.

      Links to existing tracker issues, forum discussions, contrib plugins




      On the one hand, since none of the plugins are supported, I cannot take new screenshots; on the other hand, the old versions seemed to function adequately, so I’m using screenshots from the old plugin pages.



      Further reading

      My apologies if this is a little scattered, or if there’s another way to do automatic captioning of user videos…..

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