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Implement UI for creating and editing learning analytics models based on reports



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      Currently, creating a new learning analytics model in Moodle requires PHP coding, even to create a variant of an existing model with different indicators. It should be possible to create many models out of the reusable parts in the learning analytics system from the web UI.

      This proposal is for a minimalist model "creator" that accepts a URL from an external report system containing a comma-separated values list with the following data columns:

      • Target value (blank if this row is used for predictions, populated if this row is used for training)
      • Analysable (context) value
      • Sample value
      • One or more Indicator values

      The new Edit Model page should offer the following parameters:

      1. Model name (must be unique)
      2. URL to a CSV file generated by an external reporting tool or script
      3. Select Analyser from list of classes on site
      4. Set default time-splitting method (predictions per sample) from list of time-splitting classes on site

      It is assumed that anyone using this method of model creation is responsible for ensuring that the data generated for the URL is correct.

       Would work well if MDL-62082 could be implemented for Configurable Reports.

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