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Dashboard followup: Move Activity completion detail from "Course completion" tab to "Bulk edit activity completion" and "Activity settings"



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      One of the requests that was part of the Dashboard proposal was the inclusion  of course completion as a means of tracking progress. However, most course completion criteria are not suitable for this purpose. The request really regards just the activities which are defined as course completion criteria.

      Currently the list of possible course completion criteria include:

      • Activity completion
      • Completion of other courses
      • Date
      • Enrollment duration
      • Unenrollment
      • Course grade
      • Manual self completion
      • Manual completion by others

      (Is there a sub-plugin structure for these?)

      All of these are displayed within "Completion settings" on the "Course completion" tab (as of Moodle 3.3).

      Most of these course completion criteria are fairly simple and binary. Two are considerably more complex. "Completion of other courses" references external factors, and possibly should also be dealt with in a separate interface, but "Activity completion" seems qualitatively different from the other items on the list. This criterion refers to details of the course activities.

      The "Activity completion" portion of the "Course completion" interface allows the specification of "required" activities which must be completed for the course to be considered completed. However, making this selection part of Course Completion can be confusing to instructors, as everything else related to activity completion is defined within the activity. With the recent enhancements to the "Bulk edit activity completion" tab, it would make more sense to move the "required" status per activity to that tab. The "Course completion" tab would then contain a simple binary item: "Required activities complete (see Activity Completion)".

      On the "Bulk edit activity completion" tab, each activity/resource would display "Course completion" inclusion status in a new column (or otherwise highlighted for visibility). Selecting multiple activities and clicking Edit would allow the "Required for course completion" flag to be set for all selected activities.

      The completion aggregation setting could also be moved to the "Bulk edit activity completion" tab, or it could be left on the "Course completion" tab. We need to hear from people who use this feature to understand where it would make the most sense to put this.

      Individually editing the "Completion tracking" section of activity settings would also display this status as "Required for course completion", with a checkbox.

      Finally, on the Dashboard, provide an option to base course progress only on completion of "Required for course completion" activities, rather than on all activities with completion criteria.


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