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Add date and teacher name in feedback activity



    • Type: New Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.4.2
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      I would like to request for some new features in Feedback Activity If I add a feedback activity in Moodle on front page it Is available to all the mapped courses, using feedback Block. But some of the features I would like to propose would increase the effectiveness of the feedback activity. I had mentioned them in points below:

      1. A field of Date can be added so that date of the feedback can be captured at the time of feedback, having an option of capture today's date option or mention any other date. It will help us automatically capture date of the feedback. With this feature we can have single feedback activity to capture multiple feedbacks and it will be easy to compare the feedback of a teacher consecutively during years. 
      2. As the feedback is displayed in the mapped course, name of the teacher teaching the course could be captured automatically and be displayed in the report. If there are two teachers teaching a single course then dropdown can mention both the teachers names. At the time of filling the feedback, student can select the teacher and give feedback of the teachers.
      3. If there are multiple courses a student is taking up there should be an option to navigate from one course to next course and fill the feedback for the next course.
      4. The student can be shown a small popup of all the unfinished activities which student must  complete.
      5. A customisable report option so that a teacher can create their own report. 


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