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Auto select new purposes and categories


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      The data registry UI allows us to easily create new purposes and categories. Once a new item is created we reload the current page but we don't autoselect the new item.

      Some extra info:

      Eloy raised this topic during MDL-61899 review:

      When adding categories or purposes, I'd expect the just created one to become automatically selected in the dropdow. Right now you've to pick it after being created.

      And I replied this:

      It is not that simple and it needs more definition. Imagine that a specific context already have a selected purpose, you add another one and we reload the page selecting the new purpose; if the user just leaves the page the new purpose is added but not linked to that context, if we save it automatically we may be doing "too much"... I don't have any preference, just that what is the best solution is not 100% clear to me and it should be discussed with UX team.

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