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Replace existing reports in Core based on Configurable Reports



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      This Epic is related to the proposal to construct a UI for creating and editing learning analytics models: MDL-61806

      This is a proposal to replace as many Core reports as possible using the forms-based Configurable Reports tool (if it is integrated into core per MDL-62080). The reason for this proposal is to allow site administrators to create copies of these reports for modification using the form-based interface. Moodle core standard reports should be protected from modification, even by site administrators, allowing only copies to be edited. Note that Configurable Reports already supports definition of roles in contexts allowed to access the report. Customized Configurable Reports can also be shared through XML files and can be acquired from a built-in link to a report repository. In theory, this standardization could also make reports easier to maintain and share code.

      This is an Epic so that each linked issue can reference a single Core report. For each of these reports, a summary is provided, along with how to access the report (in a Boost-based theme), inferred audience(s) and purpose, then suggestions for features necessary to implement the existing report in the form-based feature of Configurable Reports, including filters and chart.js enhancements.

      Part of the rationale for conducting this analysis was to ensure that a built-in reporting tool (proposed as Configurable Reports) would be able to handle all common use cases, by ensuring that it can support existing reports.


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