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Replace/enhance Participants report using form-based editable report



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      Navigation block

      Course “Gear” menu / Users tab / Enroled users


      This report provides a list of all participants in a course to each of the participants in the course, including:

      • First name (sortable)
      • Surname (sortable)
      • Roles
      • Groups
      • Last access to course (sortable)

      Instructors/managers also see:

      • email address
      • status of enrolment

      Participant names or avatars can be clicked to view detail, or can be selected to perform bulk actions (teachers and managers only). The list of participants can be filtered by first letter of first name or surname, by role, by group, by length of inactivity, and can be searched by free text.


      The “Enrol users” function is accessed by a button from this report. Other pages related to enrolment are accessed from the Gear menu on this report.


      This report has taken on the features of the previous “Enroled users” report, which has been discontinued. Previous links to the “Enroled users” report now link to this report.

      Intended audience:

      All users, but primarily learners and instructors.


      Allows a participant to see the list of all participants in a course they are in at a glance, and allows instructors to send messages to selected students or manage enrolments.


      Unlike most reports, this one appears in the Navigation block, rather than the Administration block. It allows the user to switch between lists of participants in any of their courses, even though it appears within the Current Course menu.

      1. Move to User menu?
      2. Notes can be added from this screen, but only through the bulk action menu, which seems odd. Notes do not display on this screen, even if they are added to the Course context, even if User Details are displayed.
      3. What criteria are used for the “inactive for more than” filter? Course or site log entries? Will any log type suffice, even if the user took no other action than viewing? It would be helpful to be able to tweak this column.
      4. Provide mouseover descriptions for selection widgets and column headers
      5. “Gear” button only allows editing of enrolment dates. Perhaps this should be a general dropdown with more actions matching those available through bulk actions, e.g. edit role, edit enrolment dates, add note, send message, view logs, view Outline report, etc.
      6. The “info” button displays mouseover text implying that clicking on it will enrol the user as the role the user already has. Actually it displays enrolment details.
      7. Add a link from here to individual user logs and other reports related to users, rather than requiring instructor to go to user’s Profile page (see “Gear” button notes).
      8. Allow instructor to switch “last access to course” mode to date, rather than days ago

      Conversion to Configurable Reports:

      This is a classic “Users” report for the most part. The following enhancements to Configurable Reports (detailed above) would be needed to convert this report:

      1. Multipurpose filter
      2. Alphabet filter
      3. Select row/Bulk action feature
      4. Edit row menu feature
      5. Edit cell option
      6. URL link to related report
      7. Receive URL parameters
      8. Additional data elements: Last Access to Context datetime (formatted as datetime or as “time ago”)

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