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Replace/enhance Activity Completion report using form-based editable report


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      Course Gear menu / More / Reports tab / Activity Completion


      Provides a grid of all participants (students) and activities for which completion has been defined, with completion status indication for each activity. Can be filtered by group or by firstname or surname first initial. Aggregates to course completion, if defined. Each student name is a link to a single view showing activities listed vertically with status and requirement criteria. As of 3.4, teachers are able to mark activities complete from this report.

      A csv download is provided that contains different information.

      Intended audience:

      Instructors, possibly academic advisors


      Intended to provide an overview of student progress through activities in the course. Instructors may use this, for example, if a student requests extra help, to see if the student has made use of existing resources in the course first.


      1. Needs to be able to filter by section, and possibly by activity type
      2. Make section borders more clear
      3. Provide feature to aggregate by section (e.g. percentage complete)
      4. Provide filter to show only incomplete activities
      5. Provide filter to show only incomplete activities whose “expected complete” date has passed or is about to pass
      6. Vertical lines between activities are distracting from completion status content. Could this be displayed as a solid progress bar instead?
      7. Needs legend to explain solid vs. dotted lines, colors of checkmarks, red x
      8. Needs much smaller, compressed “sparkline” sized view for multiple learners, no activity names, click for full detail for that learner
      9. Needs to be visible in Reports menu even if Course Completion is not configured, if activity completions are configured
      10. Allow instructor to check activities as completed? E.g. in-class demonstrations?

      Conversion to Configurable Reports:

      This is a basic crosstab report with the two data types being “users” and “course activities”. The following enhancements to Configurable Reports (detailed above) would be needed to convert this report:

      1. Alphabet filter
      2. Crosstab reports
      3. Cell calculations (name concatenation, module icon display)
      4. Conditional cell styling
      5. Edit cell option
      6. URL Link to related report
      7. Receive URL parameters

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