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Replace/enhance Completion Progress Details report using form-based editable report



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      Accessed via link from Course Completion report. Breadcrumbs seem to show that this report attaches directly to the Front Page, regardless of which course it is displaying.

      Students can also access the single-user version from the Course Completion block (if enabled).


      Displays a list of Course Completion criteria, including activities, and present status and date of criteria completion for a single user. Links are provided to each course activity (with completion criteria set).

      Intended audience:

      Instructor, student


      Allows review of completion status of a single student. Does not allow any editing, and links go to activities, not to details of student progress in activities.


      1. Needs to be able to filter by section, and possibly by activity type
      2. Make section borders more clear
      3. Aggregate by section? (in progress until all activities in section are complete)
      4. Provide filter by completion status
      5. Provide graph of completion over time (when started, proportion of requirements met, when completed)
      6. Needs to be visible in Reports menu and/or much more obvious in Course Completion report
      7. Breadcrumbs should stay within course hierarchy, not attach to Dashboard

      Conversion to Configurable Reports:

      This report needs to make use of the existing “header” feature of Configurable Reports, in order to display the user, completion status, and completion aggregation. The following enhancements to Configurable Reports (detailed above) would be needed to convert this report:

      1. New report type: Completion (or Join Report by adding Completion data to Course report)
      2. Group rows
      3. URL Link to related report
      4. Receive URL parameters
      5. Return button
      6. Cell calculations (to turn 0/1 values into defined text strings)
      7. Text strings


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