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Replace/enhance Logs and Live Logs reports using form-based editable report


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      Course Gear menu / More / Reports tab / Logs [or Live logs]


      A list of all log entries matching selected filters within the course context. At the site level, log entries can be filtered to show site errors.

      Intended audience:

      Usually instructor, but can also be used by academic administration, e.g. in event of a grade challenge or similar dispute. Site level logs are usually used by system admin.


      This is currently a very basic, generalized report with a broad purpose of providing detail about user activity within a context. The content displayed here is often summarized in other reports.



      The granular nature of this report limits its usefulness to viewing details of activity for a specific learner or at a specific point of time. New filters could help these reports, especially activities and actions - look for ways to filter by learner engagement (however defined). At minimum, a filter for “create” actions submitted to a graded activity (vs. other CRUD categories) would be helpful. The “teaching level” vs. “participating level” distinctions are less clear than the older “views”/”posts” distinctions. Ability to filter by section (group of activities, often weekly) or by activity type could be helpful. Start and end dates for log filtering would be very helpful when attempting to review activity of students per prior week. Aggregation controls by user would also be helpful, showing first log entry date/time, last log entry date/time, number of log entries (perhaps by column per CRUD category). These aggregated versions could include links to drill down to detail per user. Aggregation by activity could also be very useful.

      1. Filter by learner engagement level (view, submit, receive feedback, view feedback, provide feedback, revise/resubmit)
      2. Filter by role - allow users to check roles in a list as they choose
      3. Aggregate: count actions of different levels and aggregate by learner, by role, by component, etc., or provide obvious links from this report to other reports that serve those functions

      Conversion to Configurable Reports:

      The following enhancements to Configurable Reports (detailed above) would be needed to convert this report:

      1. New report type: Logs (including all data columns and filters displaying appropriate values for each data column)
      2. Set filter(s) before running report
      3. URL Link to related report
      4. Receive URL parameters
      5. Cell calculations (concatenation)

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