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Replace/enhance Course Activity report using form-based editable report


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      Course Gear menu / More / Reports tab / Activity report


      This is one of the reports computed from logs. It summarizes (counts) views and posts per activity/resource by all users within the course context. The focus is on the contents of the course, not the individual students. Links are provided to individual activities.

      Intended audience:

      Most likely helpful to instructors and future course developers.


      This report shows which activities and resources are being used the most or least by participants (but includes the instructor). An instructor could use this to get a general sense of whether the students are making use of some resources more than others during a class, but this would be of more use when preparing to teach the next term.


      1. Allow filtering by activity type, and by section.
      2. Display “posts” total and distinct users, not just views
      3. Display last post, not just last view
      4. Allow site admin to hide “related blog entries” if blogs are not being used
      5. Provide a view with horizontal box-whisker plots to summarize minimum posts, max, quartiles per activity.
      6. Filter by user could integrate this with the User Outline Report and/or Complete Report.
      7. Respond to known bug https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-53952 teacher actions are included in Activity Report totals. There should be the ability to filter by role.

      Conversion to Configurable Reports:

      The following enhancements to Configurable Reports (defined above) would be needed to convert this report:

      1. Report type: Log (or ability to attach log table to new Course Module report)
      2. Group/Break report with calculations
      3. Cell calculation with concatenation
      4. Cell calculation with icon replacement (for module icons)
      5. URL link to related report
      6. Receive URL parameters

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