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Replace/enhance Course Participation report using form-based editable report


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      Course Gear menu / More / Reports tab / Course participation


      Summarizes actions taken by all participants for a specific activity/resource. Requires selection of a specific activity. This report can be filtered by length of time (days past), by student vs. other roles, and by actions. This report more clearly makes the distinction between “views” and “posts” (submissions) per activity than the new logs. “View” and “Post” definitions are displayed in the header of the report when it is run for a specific activity. The report can send a message to all users who have not “completed” a certain action within the time span.


      Note: This report runs extremely slowly, especially in moderately large enrolment courses (hundreds of participants). It is quite possible for this report to time out or simply not return results. It is not apparent if results will be returned or not-- the basic page is constructed, but no results are displayed.

      Intended audience:

      Most likely the instructor.


      Allows the instructor to see who has viewed and/or responded to (posted to) a given activity.


      • Add ability to filter by Activity Completion status, if defined.
      1. Start and end date filters would be more helpful than the more limited “look back n days,” especially in cases where a grade challenge requires looking back to a prior term, etc. Note that this report maxes out at 1 year in the past.
      2. If the notification to non-participants could be scheduled by the instructor or at the site level based on criteria here, it could be very helpful. Best example: automatically send message if “Expected Complete” date has passed and student has not met completion criteria.
      3. Sparklines for activity next to names could also be helpful. Indicate level of cognitive depth reached.
      4. It would also be extremely helpful to be able to amplify this report to aggregate participation levels across multiple activities, but this can be very slow to calculate at a course level. Perhaps it could be done only for activities one section at a time, with an option to restrict to only those that have a completion requirement set.
      5. Could this report take advantage of Statistics (if enabled) to improve performance?

      Conversion to Configurable Reports:

      The following enhancements to Configurable Reports (detailed above) would be needed to convert this report:

      1. Report type: Log (or ability to attach log table to new Course Module report)
      2. Group/Break report
      3. Include filter selections in report header
      4. Lookback filter
      5. Select row/Bulk action feature
      6. URL Link to related report
      7. Receive URL parameters
      8. Cell calculations (including concatenate distinct)

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