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Replace/enhance Grader report using form-based editable report



    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.5
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      Lists all participants on vertical axis, all gradable items on horizontal axis, current grades in individual cells.

      Intended audience:

      Instructors and others with permission to view and/or alter grades


      Originally this provided the primary interface to review and update grades for all students and activities. (Additional interfaces per activity are usually also available.)


      This report is large and unwieldy for all but the smallest of courses (small numbers of students AND small numbers of gradable activities).

      1. Provide JS-based scrolling enhancements (frozen headers and footers) for all core themes (now available in Boost and Clean, but not More)
      2. Provide option to filter this report to show only grades per section (categories can be collapsed, but sections are more likely to represent dates and related activities),
      3. Filter to show grades that are expected and not yet completed (using Completion Expected By)
      4. Filter to show grades that are above or below specific values
      5. Filter to show empty grades where work has been submitted by student (and still requires marking)

      Conversion to Configurable Reports:

      This is a classic crosstab report. In order to be sure to show accurate grades, the Moodle API MUST be used in this report, not direct database access. The following enhancements to Configurable Reports (detailed above) would be needed to convert this report:

      1. Use only Moodle API
      2. Report type: Grades (all Grades for current Course)
      3. Crosstab reports
      4. Horizontal Group/Break with collapsable sections (for category visibility)
      5. Conditional cell styling (including image display)
      6. Edit row/action menu
      7. Edit column/action menu
      8. Edit cell
      9. Image display
      10. Localized text strings (column headers)
      11. Frozen columns
      12. Frozen header rows
      13. Frozen footer rows
      14. URL link to related report
      15. Receive URL parameters


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