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Project Inspire Phase II proposal


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      This Epic holds the proposed plan for Project Inspire Phase II, in which the community will be empowered to create, test, and share models, without requiring PHP coding or Moodle developer skills.

      The following issues are of the highest priority:

      All bugs identified in 3.4 and 3.5 testing cycles
      Metadata additions: Site MDL-57900, Activity MDL-57901 and Course MDL-59022 (necessary to improve model fits and generalizability)

      MDL-59208 Allow targets to override access control to predictions (otherwise we cannot deliver insights to anyone except instructors and managers)

      MDL-60944 Allow model configurations to be imported and exported (development already in progress)

      MDL-61806 Implement UI for creating and editing learning analytics based on reports - this is the key new feature, which will make it possible for non-developers to construct models and share them, including model training data. This will lower the priority of many of the other feature requests in the backlog.

      Alternatively, MDL-62293 is a proposal to implement a UI for creating and editing simple learning analytics models based only on events.

      For the use of analytics in large courses, especially MOOCs, the following is critical:
      MDL-62191 Allow bulk actions to notifications from learning analytics

      Finally, MDL-62192 Display accuracy of models more prominently and with more detail is an important feature to support researchers developing and testing models.

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