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moodleform addGroup separator does not work same as in previous version


      While updating plugins used at moodle.org for moodle 3.5, I have discovered a regression in the Boost theme.

      I have a form code like this:

          public function definition() {
              $mform = $this->_form;
                  $mform->createElement('checkbox', 'foo1', null, 'Foo1'),
                  $mform->createElement('checkbox', 'foo2', null, 'Foo2'),
                  $mform->createElement('checkbox', 'foo3', null, 'Foo3'),
              ], 'foos', 'Select foos', '<br>', false);

      In Clean theme and in Boost 3.4, the checkbox elements are displayed as stacked vertically, using the <br> as the separator.

      In Boost 3.5 however, the separator seems to be ignored and the items are displayed next to each other.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to a course and turn editing mode on
      2. Add a new SCORM activity
      3. Expand the Appearance section
      4. Click "Show more..." link
      5. Observe the checkbox options for the "Options (Prevented by some browsers)" field

      Expected behaviour: Options are supposed to be stacked vertically

      Actual behaviour: Options are displayed next to each other

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