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Provide tools to manage and edit insights



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      Currently, insights (notifications and action opportunities) for learning analytics are programmed in PHP. It should be possible for a user with appropriate permissions to create and edit these in a form. This should allow a view of the model with attached insights, and editing or creating an insight should provide the following controls:

      • Insight name
      • Insight recipient (roles to be checked in the context of the sample)
      • Target sensitivity (e.g. >= 75%)
      • Delivery limit - how many times this insight will be delivered to the same recipient for this sample. Default = 3.
      • Insight text with tokens similar to those used in Event notifications
      • Action checkboxes for actions to provide to recipient (tokens
        • Positive actions
          • Send message to {sample} (applicable if model makes predictions about a user)
          • View messages with {sample}
          • View prediction details
          • Acknowledged
        • Negative actions
          • Not useful
          • Disable insights to me for this {sample} (student, course, etc.)
          • Disable insiglts to me for all {samples} in this {analysable}
      • Link to reports - list of potential reports based on model context. Allows multiple selection.

      Positive and negative actions help to measure usefulness of model and impact of actions.

      Prediction follow-up functionality has been moved to MDL-65288.


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