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Gradebook: Add confirmation dialogue when executing a quick grading



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      Hi there,

      some of our users like the comfort of quickly grading participants in the grader report table. They do the grading and then support issues arise that grades given within an activity are not reflected in the gradebook and so on.

      This is mainly because the users are not aware that the quick grading functionality do override the grade and what the consequences of this actions are. They might see that the background of the cell changes to a yellow color, but this is no hint for them that something might have happened here.

      That's why we would like to propose the introduction of a confirmation dialogue for the quick grading feature in the grade book. When entering a grade and hitting the enter key, a confirmation dialogue should appear:

      You are going to override this grade for the user

      Unknown macro: {a->username}

      . The grades given in the activity will not have any effect for the grade of this item anymore.
      Are you sure you want to proceed?

      The text for this dialogue can be polished, of course - it's just a first draft.
      But this would increase the awareness of what the result of this action will be.

      It can be discussed, if this dialogue should appear on every quick grading action or just once for a session or whatever.
      But we think that it is important to clarify the consequences of the act and that the quick grading ist not a simple comfort functionality.

      Best, Kathrin


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