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Goutte + Clean behat failures




      There are a numnber of failures in the clean theme using Goutte.

      These have been undetected until recently because we did not have that particular job combination configured to run:

      Privacy and policies not selectable from admin tree

      001 Scenario: Accept policy on login, accept new policy documents                              # /var/www/html/admin/tool/policy/tests/behat/consent.feature:336
            And I navigate to "Manage policies" node in "Site administration > Privacy and policies" # /var/www/html/admin/tool/policy/tests/behat/consent.feature:367
              Sub-navigation node "Privacy and policies" not found under "Site administrationNotifications Registration Advanced features UsersAccountsBrowse list of users Bulk user actions Add a new user User default preferences User profile fields Cohorts Upload users Upload user pictures PermissionsUser policies Site administrators Define roles Assign system roles Check system permissions Capability overview Assign user roles to cohort Unsupported role assignments Privacy and policiesPrivacy settings Policy settings Data requests Data registry Data deletion Plugin privacy registry Manage policies User agreements CoursesManage courses and categories Add a category Restore course Course default settings Course request BackupsGeneral backup defaults General import defaults Automated backup setup General restore defaults Upload courses GradesGeneral settings Grade category settings Grade item settings Scales Letters Report settingsGrader report Grade history Overview report User report AnalyticsAnalytics settings Analytics models CompetenciesCompetencies settings Migrate frameworks Import competency framework Export competency framework Competency frameworks Learning plan templates BadgesBadges settings Manage badges Add a new badge LocationLocation settings LanguageLanguage settings Language customisation Language packs PluginsInstall plugins Plugins overview Activity modulesManage activities Common activity settings AssignmentAssignment settings Submission pluginsManage assignment submission plugins File submissions Online text submissions Feedback pluginsManage assignment feedback plugins Feedback comments Annotate PDF File feedback Offline grading worksheet Book Chat Database External toolManage tools Feedback File Folder Forum Glossary IMS content package Label Lesson Page Quiz SCORM package URL Workshop Admin toolsManage admin tools Recycle bin Antivirus pluginsManage antivirus plugins AuthenticationManage authentication Email-based self-registration Manual accounts Availability restrictionsManage restrictions BlocksManage blocks Activity results Course overview Courses HTML Online users Remote RSS feeds Section links CachingConfiguration Test performance Cache storesAPC user cache (APCu) Memcache Memcached MongoDB Redis Course formatsManage course formats Single activity format Data formatsManage data formats Document convertersManage document converters EnrolmentsManage enrol plugins Cohort sync Guest access Manual enrolments Self enrolment FiltersManage filters Common filter settings MathJax Multimedia plugins LicencesManage licences Local pluginsManage local plugins LoggingManage log stores Standard log Media playersManage media players VideoJS player Message outputsManage message outputs Default message outputs Jabber Question behavioursManage question behaviours Question typesManage question types Question preview defaults Multiple choice ReportsManage reports RepositoriesManage repositories Common repository settings Embedded files Private files Recent files Server files Upload a file URL downloader Wikimedia SearchManage global search Search areas Solr Text editorsManage editors Atto HTML editorAtto toolbar settings Collapse toolbar settings Equation editor settings RecordRTC Table settings TinyMCE HTML editorGeneral settings Insert emoticon Legacy spell checker Web servicesOverview API Documentation External services Manage protocols Manage tokens SecurityIP blocker Site security settings HTTP security Notifications AppearanceThemesTheme settings Theme selector Boost Clean More Logos Calendar Blog Navigation HTML settings Moodle Docs Default Dashboard page Default profile page Courses AJAX and Javascript Manage tags Additional HTML User tours Front pageFront page settings ServerSystem paths Support contact Session handling HTTP Maintenance mode Cleanup Environment PHP info Performance EmailOutgoing mail configuration Incoming mail configuration Message handlers Update notifications File types OAuth 2 services Scheduled tasks ReportsComments Backups Config changes Events list Insights Logs Live logs Performance overview Question instances Security overview Event monitoring rules Spam cleaner Mobile appMobile settings DevelopmentExperimentalExperimental settings Database migration Debugging Web service test client Purge caches Third party libraries Acceptance testing Make test course Make JMeter test plan PHPUnit tests Template library XMLDB editor Assignment upgrade helper"

      Course enrolments

      001 Scenario: Check status after disabling manual enrolment                 # /var/www/html/user/tests/behat/view_participants.feature:269
            When I navigate to "Enrolment methods" in current page administration # /var/www/html/user/tests/behat/view_participants.feature:273
              Navigation node "Enrolment methods" not found under "Course administration"

      Navbar CSS change

      001 Scenario: Check that 'displayloginfailures' works without javascript for teachers.            # /var/www/html/auth/tests/behat/displayloginfailures.feature:15
            Then I should see "1 failed logins since your last login" in the "nav.navbar" "css_element" # /var/www/html/auth/tests/behat/displayloginfailures.feature:28
              Css matching locator "nav.navbar" not found.

      Online users block??

      Seen in 31/33

      001 Scenario: Import course's contents to another course # /var/www/html/backup/moodle2/tests/behat/import_multiple_times.feature:29
            And I should not see "Online users"                # /var/www/html/backup/moodle2/tests/behat/import_multiple_times.feature:31
              "Online users" text was found in the page


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