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Moodle Workshop Rubric Re-Use



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      The advanced grading methods have different templates or forms in different evaluation types. Rubric, for example has templates to be reused, modified or shared within the system. We would like to make Rubric templates available in the Workshop module. For this project, we want  to have a feature, where Rubric templates can be imported/shared within the system by the teacher while using the Workshop module.

      Summary * Project size: medium

      • Audience: primary schools, universities, work places
      • Target users: teachers


      1. Having such a feature would facilitate the work of teacher and let him reuse and modify other templates.
      2. This would assist the teacher to learn from others and give back to the community of knowledge in evaluation.
      3. It would make the Rubric evaluation method easier and faster to create and reuse.

      User Stories 

      User stories should be specific to each requirement and provide a clear view of what you want the improvement/new feature to accomplish.


      1. As a teacher I want to be able to use templates of Rubric when I am setting up Workshop Module, in order to facilitate my Rubric creation.
      2. As a teacher, I want to be able to share/import my Rubric template within the system to give back to the community.
      3. As a teacher, I want to have a button, where I can have a choice between sharing my template or keeping it private.


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