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Categorised pre-populated lists of comments for feedback on an assignment



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      This medium sized project will improve the Moodle assignment activity by enabling the marker to create a pick list of feedback comments that can be applied, multiple times, to many assignments for many students across many classes.  


      1. Greater consistency in the marking and feedback process between departments/markers/schools 
      2. Improve the efficiency of the marking process so that students receive their feedback in a timely way

      User Stories

      As a marker, I would like to have access to a pick list of pre-populated comments that can be ordered into categories saving me time when marking

      As a marker, I want to pick a comment from a pre-populated picklist and be able to add it to a highlighted piece of text in a paper or the whole paper

      As a marker, I want to be able to create/edit/delete my own comments for a class or course that are specific and are in addition to the larger collection of comments; then be able to select some or all of them to share with one or more colleagues

      As an admin I want to be able to manage pick list of pre-populated comments for my department/school. For example, I want to create/edit/delete sets of comments for my department, and archive comments.

      As an admin I want to organise quick list items into different categories for different courses and different contexts. It would be helpful if this worked in a similar way to questionbank with lists configured at different context levels.


      We could not find any existing tracker items that are equivalent to this tracker issue.


      To make this work the activity will require the following adminstrative functionality

      1. create new pick list

      2. create new comments

      3. edit pick lists or comments

      4. delete pick lists/comments from pick list

      5. upload and download pick lists

      6. archive comments

      7. create new pick lists from existing ones/comments

      Pick lists need to be categorised in order to make it easy to pick the prepopulated list that the marker needs as quickly and easily as possible.

      I have not provided screenshots but what this is asking for is essentially very similar to Turnitin's quickmark activity in the Grademark project. Further information, including screenshots of the quickmark functionality is available at 












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