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Add Capability for Double Marking of Assignments





      Add capability for double marking of assignments. Some ideas for the functionality of this featuer could be taken from the coursework plugin:


      The following video shows the double marking feature:



      The issue with the "coursework" plugin is it does not support all assignment types, it would be far better if this were a core features. Double marking is in use or desired by many Universities.

      When enabled Marker Allocation would allow assigment of both marker one and marker two.

      When Marker Allocation is not in use teachers could grade assignments freely either as marker one or marker two.

      Blind Marking should also be supported as it is now showing only participant ID of students when enabled up until the option to "reveal particiapants" is shown.

      The assignment settings should allow:

      1) Double marking to be enabled / disabled

      A simple setting in the assignment itself to enable / disable

      2) The grading method to be selected, suggestions for this would be:

      • Highest Grade
      • Lowest Grade (cannot think why anyone would do this but it would add flexibility)
      • Mean Grade
      • Marker One Grade (where the first markers grade is accepted and the second markers grade is only used to identify outliers - see "tollerance for outliers" section below)

      3) Tollerance for Outliers

      There should be a setting where a % tollerance can be set for outliers. The purpose of this is to flag assignments where the difference between grades from marker one and marker two are greater than x%.

      This would allow any assignments where there is a large disparity between maker one and marker two grades to be flagged for further review / investigation.

      It would also allow the use of "Marker One Grade" as the calculation where the "marker two" grade is used ONLY for quality assurance and to identify potentially problematic grades as opposed to being part of the final grade given to students.

      4) Automatic Allocation of Marker Two for QA

      It would be useful to automatically assign Marker Two x% of assignments to check using Marking workflow.

      The purpose of this feature would be to assign a second marker to ONLY 10% of assignments for quality assurance. Thus 10% of assignment would be randomy selected for a second marker to grade.

      Used in conjunction with the "Marker One" grading calculation and "Tollerance for Outliers" this would provide a mechanism for quality assurance rather than being used to provide additional grades and feedback for students.

      4) Show Marker Grades or Only Final Grade

      Determine whether the students can see individual grades (marker one 60%, marker two 70%, final mark 65% (if mean were the calculation method chosen).

      This would allow teachers to show only the final grade for simplicity or show both grades and the final calculation for students.

      Regardless of whether both grades are shown feedback from both tutors should be displayed UNLESS the "Marker One" calculation is being used for QA purposes.

      As an Administrator I would like to:

      • set the default assignment setting for "enable double marking"
      • lock the default assignment setting for "enable double marking"
      • set the default grading calculation (highest, mean etc)
      • lock the default grading calculation
      • set the default for showing marker grades / only final grade
      • lock the default for showing marker grades / only final grade

      As a Teacher I would like to:

      • enable / disable double marking as required (assuming it is not locked by the administrator)
      • set the grading calculation (highest, mean etc assuming not locked by admin)
      • set whether students can see only the final grade or the individual marker one, marker two grades and final calculation
      • use all feedback options regardless of whether I am marker one or marker two, thus both tutors shoudl have the ability to leave feedback files, feedback comments, annotation
      • use advanced grading / rubrics regardless of whether I am marker one or marker two

      A teacher should be be able to allocate grading activity to other tutors via Marking Workflow, i.e. allocate both Marker One and Marker Two using marker allocation.

      As a Student I would like to:

      Be able to view released grades and feedback as usual. Depending on what Teachers have chosen to display I may see marker one grade, marker two grade, total calculated grade OR I may only see the final grade.

      As a student I always want to see feedback from both marker one and marker two regardless of whether I can see the individual marker one, marker two grades


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