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Behat Firefox: Edit media dialog goes offscreen + create activity strange error




      After a number of behat runs towards the completion of the [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TcMJT3o2Cnyq006lmLWrXJeNQQzyNXz2E_Vbc8ff5EE/edit?pli=1#gid=0|3.6 testing release matrix], these 3 errors are happening consistently with Firefox & Mac.

      A) This seems a silly one. After creating an assignment as teacher, the activity is just not there when logged in as student:

      001 Scenario: Submit a PDF file as a student in a team and annotate the PDF as a teacher # /Users/stronk7/git_moodle/testing/mod/assign/feedback/editpdf/tests/behat/annotate_pdf.feature:70
            And I follow "Test assignment name"                                                # /Users/stronk7/git_moodle/testing/mod/assign/feedback/editpdf/tests/behat/annotate_pdf.feature:118
              Link matching locator "'Test assignment name'" not found. (Behat\Mink\Exception\ElementNotFoundException)
      1 escenario (1 fallaron)
      38 pasos (14 pasaron, 1 fallaron, 23 saltadas)
      0m49.18s (61.08Mb)

      B) The insert/edit media dialog goes off-screen, leading to a couple of consistent failures.

      001 Scenario: Insert some media as a video with display settings # /Users/stronk7/git_moodle/testing/lib/editor/atto/plugins/media/tests/behat/media.feature:50
            And I click on "Display options" "link"                    # /Users/stronk7/git_moodle/testing/lib/editor/atto/plugins/media/tests/behat/media.feature:65
              The "(//html/.//a
              [./@href][((./@id = 'Display options' or contains(normalize-space(string(.)), 'Display options') or contains(./@title, 'Display options') or contains(./@rel, 'Display options')) or .//*[(contains(concat(' ', @class, ' '), ' icon ') or name() = 'img') and (contains(./@alt, 'Display options') or contains(./@title, 'Display options'))])] | //html/.//*
              [translate(./@role, 'ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ', 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz') = 'link'][((./@id = 'Display options' or contains(./@value, 'Display options')) or contains(./@title, 'Display options') or contains(normalize-space(string(.)), 'Display options'))])[1]" xpath node is not visible and it should be visible (Behat\Mink\Exception\ExpectationException)
      002 Scenario: Insert some media as a video with tracks                                                                                    # /Users/stronk7/git_moodle/testing/lib/editor/atto/plugins/media/tests/behat/media.feature:85
            And I set the field with xpath "(//*[contains(concat(' ', normalize-space(@class), ' '), ' atto_media_track_default ')])[1]" to "1" # /Users/stronk7/git_moodle/testing/lib/editor/atto/plugins/media/tests/behat/media.feature:105
              The "((//html//*[contains(concat(' ', normalize-space(@class), ' '), ' atto_media_track_default ')])[1])[1]" xpath node is not visible and it should be visible (Behat\Mink\Exception\ExpectationException)
      19 escenarios (17 pasaron, 2 fallaron)
      1058 pasos (992 pasaron, 2 fallaron, 64 saltadas)
      25m52.40s (74.62Mb)

      Only tested with 3.6, may apply to older branches. Only verified with FF & Mac (passes perfectly with Chrome, any selenium & chromedriver version). Exact versions used:

      • Firefox 47.0.1
      • Selenium 3.141.59 (latest) & Selenium 3.13.0 (older).





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