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Logging in as a Student as an Administrator (or manual account) drops their courses | courses missing



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.5.2
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      In migrating to 3.5.2+ I have discovered a possible issue with myself being an administrator. If I click on a student and use the 'Administration > log in as' option in their account, all of their enrolled courses disappear once I log in as them. This circumstance happens with SAML2 account authentication.


      **Update: It seems to completely unenroll them from ALL  enrolled courses. Returning to my normal administrative role after logging out of the student, they are no longer enrolled in the course in question, or any other courses they were previously enrolled in. 


      I also switched the account authentication from SAML2 to Manual accounts, and the issue persists. 


      This is working in our current version of Moodle, which is 3.4.3+. I couldn't locate another similar ticket with keywords. 


      Steps to reproduce:

      As an administrator, using the participants list in a course OR users in settings, click on a student and use the "Administration > log in as" function to view Moodle with their permissions. Once you have logged in, their course list on the dashboard is missing/empty. It appears they are not enrolled in that course. They are no longer enrolled in any course. 

      Alternatively, select a student and then "Edit Profile". Select “Choose an authentication method” and change it from an external authentication (such as SAML2) to 'Manual Accounts'. Designate a temporary password and log in as that student manually. Once you (the Administrator) log in as the student manually, it appears they are not enrolled in any course, as their dashboard is empty.


      SOLVED: External database enrollment issue, resolved on our own in time. I cannot seem to find a way to close the ticket, please disregard. 





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